Advent Retreat in Daily Living – Our Response To God’s Invitation

This week was the third gathering of the four week Advent Retreat in Daily Living I’m giving at the University of St. Thomas School of Law. Our theme for this week is Our Response to God’s Invitation. We konw that God constantly invites us in different ways to participate in the building of Kingdom. The question is: how do we respond to that invitation.

After the participants spent some time sharing their prayer experiences of the past week, I talked about the challenge that God’s invitation raises for us: Do we want to be transformed? Do we really want the inner conversaion required to truly put Christ at the center of our lives? Advent is a time for serious examination and my invitation to the reatreatants this week is to focus on how they respond (or fail to respond) to God’s desires for them.

You can find the talk I gave here . (The podcast runs for 20:35). The prayer material for this first week of the retreat, which I reference during the talk, can be found here.