The Gift of An Awakened Heart – Our Baptism Vows

This podcast is the fourth in a series based on the 8-day guided retreat I gave this past summer at St. Ignatius Retreat House on the theme, The Gift of an Awakened Heart. In the first podcast in this series, I identified some qualities of an awakened heart and talked about what it means to live out of that awakened heart. The second and third podcasts looked at the misconceptions and wounds that inhibit our ability to fully open our hearts to the world.

This podcast seeks to help us get in touch with our call to gift the world with our awakened hearts, to know that we are each individually called by God to go out into the world. The vehicle I use for doing that in this podcast is our baptism vows. Reflecting on the radical nature of the three promises first made on our behalf at our Baptism, and remade by us each time we recite the Creed, helps us get in touch wil our call to gift the world with our love.

The length of this podcast is 19:11. You can stream it from the icon below or can download it here. (Remember that you can also subscribe to Creo en Dios! podcasts on iTunes.)