When Will This Happen?

In these last days of the liturgical year, the Gospel readings have been focusing on the end times. Today, in our Gospel reading from St. Luke, Jesus tells his disciples that there will come a time when all they see will be completely destroyed. However, he warns not to be deceived by those who “will come in [his] name, saying ‘I am he,’ and ‘The time has come.” Do not follow them!”

Good advice as we hear people warning that Armegeddon will come in 2012…as we see more and more websites devoted to the rapture and post-rapture communications to family members and care of pets…as we are warned that the end is almost upon us. There will be many false prophets trying to get our attention…misleading us with their claims that they come in the name of God.

Clearly there is value in recognizing that none of us individually know when our end is coming, an attitude that encourages us to make each moment count…to not assume that there will always be a tomorrow to correct what we fail to deal with today. And there is doubtless value for us a collective to remember that what we know now will not always be.

Yet no one know when that end will come. And it is not for us to worry about when that day will be. Rather, our task is to live each moment of each day – however many moments and however many days that will be – being Christ to the world. Sharing Christ’s love with all those who we meet. If we can do that, the rest will take care of itself.