Spirituality Across Faith Traditions

On Thursday, I gave a Mid-Day Reflection at the University of St. Thomas law school on Spirituality Across Faith Traditions. Athough it is true that there are real differences among religions, there is also much truth in faith traditions other than our own. My purpose was to explore some universal dynamics that operate across faith traditions.

My talk Thursday, which drew on a couple of full day programs I offered on this topic this past winter, addressed three dynamics that operate across various faith traditions: (1) the importance of affective prayer experience; (2) the interrelationship of all humans with each other and with God; and (3) the relationship of the individual to the world.

You can access a podcast of the talk I gave here . (The podcast runs for 32:45). Toward the end of that talk I refer to several handouts of prayer material that I encouraged the participants to pray with during the week. Two were meditations drawn from the Buddhist tradition and one contained poetry from several faith traditions. You can access the handouts here.


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