The Gift of an Awakened Heart – Beginning to Heal our Woundedness

This podcast is the third in a series based on the 8-day guided retreat I gave this summer at St. Ignatius Retreat House on the theme, The Gift of an Awakened Heart. In the first podcast in this series, I identified some qualities of an awakened heart and talked about what it means to live out of that awakened heart.

An important aspect of opening ourselves to God’s gift to us of an awakened heart is getting in touch with the wounded parts of ourselves and our misconceptions, that is, those things that harden our hearts and hinder us from fully responding to God’s call. The second podcast of this series addressed three common misconceptions that hinder our ability to open ourselves to the gift of an awakened heart – the misconceptions underlying perfectionism, envy and co-dependency.

This podcast focuses on our need to get in touch with those wounded parts of ourselves, the hidden parts of ourselves that are not very easy to look at. In it I talks about ways our wounds develop, from both big things and small, and our need to have healing around those wounds so that we fully open our hearts to the world.

The length of this podcast is 14:59. You can stream it from the icon below or can download it here. (Remember that you can also subscribe to Creo en Dios! podcasts on iTunes.) The suggestion for prayer that I alluded to in the podcast is here.


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