Living Out of An Awakened Heart

This summer, I gave an 8-day guided retreat at St. Ignatius Retreat House on the theme, The Gift of an Awakened Heart. Over the course of the 8-days, we talked about what is an awakened heart and what it means to gift that heart to the world. We also talked about the things that hinder out ability to open our hearts both to God’s gifts to us and to the world.

This podcast is drawn from two of the talks I gave during the retreat. It starts by identifying some qualities of an awakened heart, a heart alive to the consonance of its beat with the heartbeat of God, a heart nourished and formed by the Heart of God. After identifying qualities of awakened heart, it talks about what it means to live out of that awakened heart.

This is the first in a series of five podcasts that will be drawn from the Awakened Heart retreat. It has been a while in coming; Elena and my travel schedule this summer meant for little opportunity for podcasting during the last few months. Hopefully, we’ll manage to get the rest of the series up without too much delay.

The length of this podcast is 22:03. You can stream it from the icon below or can download it here. (Remember that you can also subscribe to Creo en Dios! podcasts on iTunes.)