Spirit of the Resurrection

We are closing in on the end of the Easter Season, with the Ascension right around the corner and Pentecost not far behind. So it is a good time to ask: Have we gotten in touch with the spirit of the Resurrection, with the reality of the risen Christ?

I’ve prayed many times with various of Jesus’ post-Resurrection appearances to His disciples. And I’ve had some very deep Resurrection experiences with those prayers, enough to make me wonder sometimes – is there something more here I haven’t yet mined?

A single sentence in an article I read the other day suggested the answer might be yes. The author asked, “How would I feel if I saw one of my beloved friends who had died, standing before me in the way the Gospel writers describe Jesus appearing to his friends?” These friends saw Jesus tortured, they saw Him die, they saw Him put in the tomb, just as I have seen family members and friends lying dead in their casket and then placed into the ground (and in some cases, have been present at the moment of their death). And then they saw Him standing there, alive before them.

What would it be like if I were standing in a room, as was Thomas with the other apostles, and one of those beloved dead – my father or my long-time friend and mentor Ned, or my best friend from law school – were all of a sudden standing in front of me? Shock (perhaps even some initial doubt). Astonishment. But then wonder, and a joy so incredible that it is hard to even put into words. A happiness and satisfaction of deep longing that is so great it takes up all the space in our minds and hearts. That is the spirit we want to get in touch with during this Easter season. That is the reality of Jesus resurrected.