What if We Looked at Others and Really Saw Jesus?

I was reflecting on a passage in the Letter to the Colossians, in which Paul provides some useful advice to the Colossians on how they should live their lives. He speaks of letting Christ’s peace control their hearts, being thankful, and doing everything in the name of Jesus. And then he says to them, “Whatever you do, do from the heart, as for the Lord, and not for men.” And that is the line – do it as for the Lord – that stays with me.

We talk a lot in the abstract about seeing the face of Christ in others. But when I sat with the line in Colossians, I wondered what would it be like, for example, if before responding in haste to an e-mail that irritated me I said to myself, “I’m writing this reponse to Jesus.” Or, when I get a phone call from someone I don’t feel like talking to at that moment, what would it be like if I thought, “There’s Jesus on the phone, waiting excitedly to talk to me.” Or if someone walks into my office when I’m in the middle of something that seems incredibly important to me, what if I said to myself, “Jesus really needs your attention right now.” What would it be like if I could find the space to consciously remind myself that that person on the other end of the e-mail or on the telephone or standing right in front of me is Jesus?

I’m guessing it might make some difference.

Just something to think about.