What Difference Did Easter Make?

Three weeks after Easter Sunday..almost halfway through the 50 day period between Easter and Pentacost.  This is a good time to ask: what difference did Easter make to us? 

We went through Lent, Holy Week, the Triduum and the Easter celebration.  Is there something different about us as a result?  Are we more open to hearing God?  More loving?  Did Easter make a difference?  Is it just something that comes and goes each year or are we changed by the experience?

At end end of our Teen Mass on Sundays, we sometimes sing a song titled Go Make a Difference. The song proclaims that “We are the salt of the earth,…We are the light of the world…We are the hands of Christ…We are the spirit of hope, we are the voice of the poor,” and thus it instructs us to “Go make a difference in the world.”

We can’t make a difference unless we are made different by our encounter with the living resurrected Christ. We have to be different first – somehow really affected by what we have experienced through Easter – before we can go make a difference in the world.

What difference did Easter make?