Checking Motives

I purchase of otherwise acquire so many books that I confess some of them end up in a pile for quite a long time before I look at them. One book I picked up a while ago had a title I couldn’t resist: Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World (by Joanna Weaver). Yet, somehow it managed to get buried so that I only picked it up recently.

One of the first things I saw as I started to flip through it was a page with a box labeled, Checking your Motives. The thrust of it was that while serving others is important, why we serve is as important as how we serve. It suggested a series of questions, drawn from Jan Johnson’s Living a Purpose-Full Life, that are helpful in ascertaining whether we are doing “the work of Christ with the heart of Christ.” The questions are:

Am I serving to impress anyone?

Am I serving to receive external rewards?

Is my service affected by moods and whims (my own as well as others’)?

Am I using this service to feel good about myself?

Am I using my service to muffle God’s voice demanding I change?

Some useful questions to put to ourselves, particularly when we find ourselves doing, doing, doing.


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