Letting Prayer Be

I think there is sometimes a tendency to approach prayer in a controlling manner. By that I mean a tendency to come to prayer with a pre-determined sense of what “ought” to happen or a particular plan for how the prayer should proceed.

But prayer is a communicative process between the pray-er and God and we need to approach prayer with an openness and willingness to let God communicate as God will. I reflected a bit on this reality as I read a prayer sent to me by my friend Gerry. The prayer is by Dr. Larry Dossy and is quoted in a book called Discover your Genius, by Michael J. Gelb. Titled May we Let Prayer Be, it goes:

May we let prayer be.
May we allow it to follow
The infinite patterns of the human heart.
May we learn to practice the most difficult art,
The art of non-interference.
May we be guided by prayer
Instead of attempting to guide prayer.
May we allow prayer to be what it needs to be,
To be what it is.
May we let prayer be.

What can I add, but: May we let prayer be.