The Incarnation: God Becomes Human

Merry Christmas! Today we celebrate the Incarnation of our Lord. “For unto us, a child is born.”

In the midst of the gift opening, the big Christmas morning breakfast, and the celebration of the day, take time to marvel at what exactly is is that we celebrate today. In the words of the theologian Michael Himes:

The great mystery hidden from all generations and revealed in the Incarnation is God’s secret ambition. From all eternity God has wanted to be exactly like you and me. This is the ultimate statement of the goodness of being human, the rightness of humanity. The immense dignity of the human person is at the heart of the Christian tradition because it flows directly from the doctrine of the Incarnation itself. Indeed, the Incarnation is the highest compliment ever paid to being human.

God becomes human. What an amazing reality!

Merry Christmas


2 thoughts on “The Incarnation: God Becomes Human

  1. And because of that reality, the whole world changed, and still changes! What good news — that God is with us!

    Thank you so much for your blog. I don’t comment a lot, but I read your reflections several times a week, and I always learn from what your share.

    Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you and all your loved ones.


  2. Yes, God becoming human is indeed an amazing reality.


    Zonkers! I’ve never read any of MH, but “From all eternity God has wanted to be exactly like you and me” is absolutely wrong! It’s dung…and falsehood. There is no way anyone can come even remotely close to making that argument based on 2000 years of Church experience. God wanted the creatures made in his image and likeness to respond to his generation of new life by being just like him: self-emptying, self-giving, faithful to his will, obedient to his direction given in love for our (common) good. To say God wanted to be like us is ludicrous. The reason Jesus became human was because of how flawed and weak-willed we are. Mankind proved after many centuries that we could not be faithful, we could not love like God without supernatural assistance. God became human because he wanted to restore humanity. Why would God want to become like something that needed restoration?

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