Songs (and Gifts) of the Season

My daughter sings in several choirs.  Given the season, our weekend included four concerts.  Two featured solely youth choirs, one was a mix of adult and youth choirs, and last night’s was a performancy by the local Symphony Orchestra, which included a portion of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio in which my daughter and another high school girl sang the echo to the soprano aria.

Although the repertoires included the likes of Silver Bells, Sleigh Bells and Deck the Halls, most of the music celebrated the impending arrival of Christ.  It was lovely…it was moving…it was prayer.   I listened to the young voices sing out their Gloria’s and their Allelulia’s and I watched the joy in their faces as they used their beautiful voices to give praise.  

Through it all, I gave thanks to God.  Thanks that I have a daughter with the gift of song.  Thanks that there is support in our community for choirs such as these to exist and to thrive.  Thanks that I have ears to hear and the ability to take the time to sit and listen.  And, then, as I listen to the words of the song, my heart fills with gratitude at the gift we receive by God’s birth into the world. 

One of  the songs the girls sang asks, what will I give the Christ child as a gift?  Ten days from Christmas, if we haven’t yet asked ourselves the question, now is a good time to reflect on: What gift will I offer as I kneel before the creche on Christmas morning?  What gift will I give in return for all the Lord has given me?