Mary, First Disciple Podcast

This podcast, titled Mary, First Disciple , is the second in a planned series of six podcasts drawn from an 8-day guided retreat I gave in June 2007, on the theme of Embracing Mary. It considers Mary’s actions at the wedding feast as Cana as an entry into a consideration of Mary as a model of discipleship.

The podcast runs for 14:01. You can stream it from the icon below or can download it from here. (Note that you can now also subscribe to Creo en Dios! podcasts on iTunes.)


2 thoughts on “Mary, First Disciple Podcast

  1. My grandmother and my mother always had an unfailing devotion to Mary. As a child, I would walk to church with my grandmother on Monday evenings to the Miraculous Medal Novena so that she didn’t walk alone. As my mother got older, she always had her rosary beads with her and prayed the rosary daily. I was graced to have been given that example…and as I have spent more reflective time on my own relationship with God, I’ve realized that Mary has been my guide also. I only pray that I will be able to emulate one small part of the faith of these three important women in my life. Thanks for the reminder of their strength.

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