Fresh Starts

The fall semester, at least for us and many other law schools, is here.  The first year students arrived for orientation and have begin their first class.  It is always exciting to see the new students, with their mixture of trepidation and excitement as they begin this new chapter in their lives.

The beginning of law school is a fresh start for these first year students.  Whatever their achievements as undergraduates or otherwise, everyone starts off their first semester of law school with a clean slate, so to speak.  They all go into that first class with the same opportunity to make the most of the experience.  And it is up to them what they will make of the opportunities presented to them.

As I reflect on the fresh start of the law students, it occurs to me that their situation describes our experience every day with God.  No matter what yesterday was, no matter what we did or didn’t do, each day is fresh start.  A new opportunity to grow in our faith and our relationship with God.  A new chance to say yes to God and to discipleship, to say yes to life and to love.  And just like the law students, it is up to us to decide what to do with the opportunity each day brings.