The July issue of Listen, a newsletter for spiritual direction, talks about the importance of receptivity.   “A receptive person tunes in, opens up, and becomes vulnerable to reality – risking growth and transformation.” 

Too often, however, “we turn off our receptivity and openness, chooing instead to busy ourselves with tasks.  We become distracted and miss the gift of the hummingbird, the temple bell, the teapot, the incarnate world.”  Receptivity does make us vulnerable by opening us up to mystery.  And so we sometimes fear it.

However, when we choose receptivity, “we allow Holiness room to rest and grow within our inner landscape.”  The piece has particular resonance with me now, having just finished my retreat and still wallowing in the joy of that time with God.  It is amazing what God can do when we put aside our busyness and open ourselves to growing our relationship with God.