Inviting Jesus In

Last night there was a reconciliation service for those of us making the 8-day retreat, with the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The person leading the service picked Luke 8:40-56 for the reading, a passage that includes both Jesus’ healing of the hemorrhaging woman and His raising of the daughter of Jairus.

I just want to briefly share one point the leader made in her reflection on the passage because is it not something I’ve taken from this reading before and so I spent some time with it. She referred to the part of the reading where servants arrive from the official’s house and say that it is too late – no reason to trouble Jesus any further, the daughter of Jairus is already dead. Jesus’ response, as she interpreted it, was: “No trouble at all. I’m already on my way. You invited me to your house and I’m coming. Don’t worry about the details.” And, as we know from the story, Jesus goes to the house and says simply to the girl, “Child, get up,” and she does.

Once we invite Jesus in, there’s no going back. Once we invite Jesus in, everything changes….and anything can happen. A great message any time, and especially on a retreat where God’s blessing are abounding.


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