8-Day Retreat

I fly to NY this morning where I will begin (after dinner this evening) my annual 8-day silent retreat. This is time I treasure and look forward to….time away from my normal routines and activities to be refreshed by and with God. (In my head right now, I’m hearing “8-day retreat” to the tune of “Eight Days a Week.”)

During these silent retreats, I avoid telephone and e-mail. If I manage to post during the week (I don’t know what the internet connection will be like at the retreat house), it will likely be occasional short posts to share some insights or blessing God has gifted me with during the retreat.

Believing firmly in the power of prayer, if you are reading this, say a little prayer for me and the other retreatants. And, if you haven’t done a silent retreat before, think about whether it might be something you might like to experience. You can start with a day or weekend. You’ll be amazed to discover what you’ve been missing.