Embracing Mary: Mary’s Yes Podcast

Here is my first foray into the world of podcasting. Mary’s Yes is the first in a planned series of six podcasts (at least I think there will be six) drawn from an 8-day guided retreat I gave in June 2007, on the theme of Embracing Mary. This podcast runs for 16:57. You can stream it from the icon below or can download it from here.


4 thoughts on “Embracing Mary: Mary’s Yes Podcast

  1. I listed to your reflection on Mary’s “Yes” – Are you sure you are a Lawyer????? It was really excellent – and I mean that – very insightful – gave me a lot to chew on! Thank you!

  2. Dear Susan,

    Your talk was beautfiul, eloquent and filled a wonderful understanding of the annunciation. Thank you.

    Denise (St. Simon & Jude)

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  4. This is a wonderful meditation, dense, thoughtful, fresh and engaging. Mary as the first Christian, the first to accept Christ; Mary’s acceptance of God’s will as an assertion of strength and autonomy, not as passivity and weakness; our need to incarnate God every day, in imitation of Mary — these are powerful reflections rendered with a lawyer’s deft turn of phrase.

    Listen once, reflect, wait a week, then listen again.

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