A Hole in the Flute

I was reminded last night of an image used in a poem by Hafiz, a 14th century Persian poet.  The image is in a short poem called, The Christ’s Breath.  Hafiz says simply:

I am a hole in a flute
that the Christ’s breath moves through–
listen to the music.

I was taken by this poem the first time I read it.  There is something about the way it expresses the sense of our being an instrument of the Christ in the world, a channel through which flows Christ’s peace and love, that touches me deeply. 

I think what I react to is both the intimacy and the interconnectedness.   The incredible intimacy of Christ breathing through us…Christ’s breath flowing through us – and through us, into the world. And then the interconnectedness…the sense that I am not the whole flute, but only a part…Christ breathing through not only me, but also through you, so that it is together that we make beautiful music for the world.