The Gift of Music

I awoke this morning with music in my soul.

My daughter sings in a chamber choir that is part of a large community music program.  Yesterday was their farewell concert, their last concert of the year before they leave in a couple of weeks to sing at an international music festival in Prague, Vienna and Salzberg. 

The description of the choir written by its founder and conductor says that “choir members are encouraged to perceive the beautiful and spiritual significance of music…[and] to become a part of something greater than themselves, and seek to understand love and beauty.”

Music does that.  Opens us to something greater than outselves….lets us understand love and beauty…lifts our soul.  As I listened to the beautiful, clear young voices I could feel the presence of God.  One could not listen to that music and not be filled with love.  Music does that.

The girls  closed with a song called Bless this Choir,  with words written by the conductor to some music of Haydn.  It is a beautiful prayer, not only for the girls, but for all of us.  The ending verse prays:

“God, our father, hear thy servants
As we offer this our song.
We, thy children ask your blessing
On this choir we hold so dear.
Give to us O Lord, gentle hearts always.
May our thougths be pure and free.
When at last our dreams are over,
Gather us in your arms and hold us near.” 



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