Creating the Path by Walking It

There is something reassuring about walking a well-travelled path that has already been blazed for us.  About putting our feet where others have put theirs.  We like knowing where we are going and how we are going to get there.  (Especially those of us who like to be in control…an issue God and I have been working on together for years.)

But our decision to follow God often leads us into unchartered paths.  God says, go this way and “this way” can look to us like a mass of thickets with no clear way set out for us.  And that is not easy.  It is a little scary to create a new path by walking it.  It is not necessarily a comfortable place to be.

Yet, like the man who says, “I do believe, help my unbelief” (a line my friend Beth blogged about earlier this week here), we walk on.  Sometimes hesitantly, sometimes anxiously, sometimes kicking and screaming, “are you sure this is what you had in mind, Lord.”  We walk on holding fast to our confidence (or, sometimes: holding on with dear life to the hope) that God can see more clearly than we can the path we create by walking it….and that God is walking it with us.



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