The Communion of Saints

The Communion of Saints has come up several times in recent weeks on Mirror of Justice, a blog about Catholic Legal Theory on which I am a contributing author.  The image of the Communion of Saints is an important one for me and I think there is real benefit to calling to mind (and sometimes calling upon) those who in the past have walked so well the path we are currently on.

The use of  visualization can be very powerful.  Sometimes I begin my prayer by simply recalling that I am already in the presence of God.  Other times I begin my prayer by visualizing Jesus seated in heaven surrounded by Mary and the rest of the Communion of Saints.  And I pay attention to whose faces appear from among the multitude of saints…who steps out from the crowd.  Among those who are front and center for me are:

John the Baptist – he always knew it was about Jesus and not about him…and he was OK with that.

Francis of Assisi – my continuing link to Catholicism during the period I was a Buddhist, and who, during the struggle of my conversion back to Catholicism was the one it was easiest for me to turn to, before I was ready to say, “Here I am, Lord.”

Terresa of Avila – so on fire with love for Christ…and a woman of incredible determination. 

Vincent de Paul – he was able to see Christ in everyone he encountered.

Try it.   Who stands out for you?  Among those multitudes, whose face is more prominent for you, who stands front and center?  Who smiles upon you from their place at Jesus’ side?


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