Easter Monday

The morning after….the guests are gone, the dishes washed and extra chairs put away after the big Easter dinner….things back to normal after the whirlwind of the Triduum services of the past several days.

But, wait, no – that’s not right.  The holiday is not over and there is no back to normal.  Christ is risen.  And, as the women in this morning’s Gospel are told to go and convey Christ’s message to the other disciples, we are charged to go out and proclaim the Resurrection to the world.

What came to my mind when I was reflecting on the Gospel this morning were the words of the song of St. Teresa’s prayer: “Christ has no body now but yours.”  Mary and the disciples had the physical presence of the risen Christ during these days after Easter.  But in these immediate post-Easter days and all days, we are the physical presence of Christ in the world, proclaiming His Resurrection not only by shouting our Alleluia’s, but by all we do in the world.