I Am

In a sermon the other day, the priest talked about how we define our worth as persons.  So many people are obsessed with credentials….where people went to school, what their job title is, what they do, how much work product they produce.  The priest observed this tendancy of people to look outside themselves to find their worth and their definition of themselves.  When the Pharisees ask Jesus who he is (essentially, what are you credentials), his response is “I Am.”  Not “I am [a carpenter; a teacher; a preacher, etc.].”  Just “I Am.” That was enough.  Nothing external required. 

And nothing external is required for us: I am created and held continuously and lovingly by God.  Period.  I need nothing else, nothing external, to define me or to give me value.  I need not do or produce anything to give me worth.    

Believing that – not in our head but in the depths of our being – is one of the basic struggles we have as human beings.  Jesus got it.  He knew exactly who he was.  May we all grow in that same certainty.